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We exclusively talk about our pets and are worried for them. In consideration of dogs, we become more practical. How should we treat them? How to make their belongings more on edge? What are the best ways to befriend and be part of your furry friend as you’re to them, right? As you’re a dog owner you work out a lot more to make your best friend special. You may have celebrated their birthdays; buy their favorites and the lists can go long. Adopting a pet is informal currently, but in our busy lives, you may forget about that special bonding, emotional attachment that a dog deserves. Because of your anxiety and your hectic life, your dog may feel alone and ignored.

Just remember, your dogs are the most innocent and beautiful creature. Our extreme busyness and hectic schedules make them feel unwanted and unloved which make us a disheartened being. Do you recall the beautiful story of Japanese dog “Hachikō”, a dog who waited for his master at the train station until he didn’t die by himself?

For such similar emotional attachment, and bonding, with your dog, we are here to deliver few of the interesting activities that you can frequently shower on them without harming your schedule.

The early morning walks

The idea of morning walk may sound a bit clingy to you. Late nights, busy day do demand for a good sleep in the morning, but if you just take a minute to think about sharing a healthy time with your pet, and keep yourself physically fit, wouldn’t you go for it? How about maintaining a healthful lifestyle and a great bond with your dog?

For this prepare an early morning schedule, decide a new destination to explore or a new playful activity for you and your dog.

Play with them

Playing is the most beloved pursuit of every dog. Playing a game that is filled with adventure, physical activities make them happy. Alongside, playing with your dog can give you and your dog a best time. It will provide them a provision to build trust towards you and develop emotional attachment; it will help them to accept you as their best friend. Playing with each other will support both of you to understand more genuinely. You can play the old game, treasure hunt or catching the ball or catch- catch. In the meantime, you can also playfully train them.

Make time for them

In our hectic life, we even can’t make time for each other. Being social has become just a norm. We are active on different social media, remain online in every digital platform but we face difficulty to make time for the pets. As a dog owner, it is a vital contract for you to make time for your dog. Dogs are the pain reliever. They understand our emotions, but we ignore theirs. They understand us better than we do. So, it should be our responsibility to understand their need and make time for them.

Let them interact with neighbors’ canine

Dogs are friendly, they often love to interact with their neighbor pets and play with them. They like to be more comfortable with their breeds and excited to be around people whom they adore. For socialization purpose, let your dog mingle with other breeds. Make him comfortable and let them take time to understand their mates. This will keep your pet occupied though you have lesser time for them.

Offer them their favorite treats

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Let them find their comfort level

As humans, we look for our comfort zone whether we are in the home, office or even at the party. We like to be with some specific people whom we know or remain alone away from the crowd. Similarly, your dog too needs some space. Though they can’t express, it’s us the pet owners who must understand. They may be comfortable at a specific place or corner. They may even explore a zone in your place which can be their favorite, so don’t hinder on their comfort zone. Give them their own space, fill it with their toys and comfortable rugs where they can lie on.

Take care about emotions and provide them happy atmosphere

As soon as we talk about dogs ‘emotion can be the first question that may arise in your mind, “Do dogs have feelings?” Yes, they do have. They feel things like we do. They do face the similar emotions like fear, joy or excitement, anxiety or discomfort, sad, happy and so on. They can feel the happy or sad atmosphere and can be sad or angry with some of your activities. Like you take care of your human partner emotion’s, you have to care about your loyal friend. Provide a happy and caring atmosphere around him which can develop attachment and make your friendship stronger

As being the parent of a dog, you must think about the small acts of yours and your dog. Understanding them and keeping them lively, won’t be a hectic task. Few loves, few care and good treats can keep them supplied throughout the day. But never ignore them or keep them away from socialization. Remember study says that, keeping your pet alone and ignored make them depressed and lonely, don’t do that. Love them, because, they are the only being who are ready to love you unconditionally.

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