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About US

Mount Tibet Corporation is incorporated in the great state of Texas with one simple mission
“To dedicate itself in bringing natural alternatives for the health and well being of your dogs.”

We are a small American company, family owned and operated. We pride ourselves in the belief that our ethical standards are more stringent than those of our competitors.


We love dogs, just like you! We do not believe that our products should be made at the expense of other animals or humans welfare. We are a socially responsible company that follows fair trade practices and believes in giving back to society.


Our strength is not just the quality of our products but also our unique and essential partnership with local artisan farmers through the local village development committee and cooperatives of the Himalayan region. The artisan farmers are fairly paid for their product and encouraged to maintain the highest quality standards as per our requirement.


We do not divert the local consumption of milk in the Himalayan region to make our Tibetan Dog Chew. Instead, we trek further up in the Himalayan region, places that are inaccessible by roads and provide the local artisan farmers a market for their products which otherwise would go waste.


The local artisan farmers happily carry the loads of Tibetan Dog Chew on their backs and trek sometimes even two days to get to the nearest highway. They are very happy to see their product go WEST and not going WASTE.


The local artisan farmers thank us and for our effort in generating a revenue for them and we thank you for your business !


“If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up doing nothing for nobody.” ~ Malcom Bane

Our Customer Stories

Our Chocolate Lab, Riley loves your chews so much, we have to limit his enjoyment to 15 minute intervals or he would devour instantly.

Riley loves your product SOOO much!, Tina Haley

Kira, our 6 month old labradoodle, loves her Tibetan Dog Chew. When her first Chew broke up a little prematurely, the company sent us another two chews as per their 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. Their prompt attention was greatly appreciated!

Tasty, healthy treat for our puppy, Vivien H.

I have an 8yr old Dauschaund who loved the Tibetan Dog Chew treats. He typically has anxious behavior when nobody is home and these treats kept him occupied and calm while I was out. We love Tibetan Dog Chew!

Happy Pup, Samantha

I got a lab puppy a few weeks ago and this is the only treat that will keep her attention for long periods of time! My customers Love this as well-nothing but positive feedback!

I got a lab puppy, Ben

My customers are loving this great product, thank you for making it available!

My customers are loving this, Tim P.

Nothing better during a long car ride or day in the house to keep my Precious busy!

Nothing better during a long, Michelle R.

Ginger can’t get enough of her Tibetan Dog Chew. Thank you so much!

Ginger can’t get enough of, Chris D.

Tiny is a big fan !

Tiny is a big fan, Ruth C.

Molly will spend hours in the yard chewing on her Tibetan Dog Chew, her teeth look great and I know it’s healthy for her too!

Molly will spend hours in, Sophie W.

Lilly, my Shih Tzu loves her Tibetan Dog Chew, thanks for making such a great, quality product!

Lilly, my Shih Tzu loves, Tom H.

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