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So what exactly is Tibetan Dog Chew ?

Tibetan Dog Chew is 100% Natural Cheese! Yes you heard it right, it is 100% Natural Cheese. No bones about it ! Tibetan Dog Chew is made in the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet from Yak milk and Cow milk. It is a kind of Gruyère cheese made using the centuries old authentic recipe created by the Tibetan Monks and brought to your beloved four legged friends by Mount Tibet Corporation.


If it’s 100% cheese, why is Tibetan Dog Chew so hard?

This is the unique character of Tibetan Dog Chew. Yak milk, Cow milk, centuries old authentic recipe of the Tibetan Monks the Himalayan environment and the indigenous traditional cheese making process makes Tibetan Dog Chew such a hard chew that your fury companion absolutely loves!


Can I eat Tibetan Dog Chew?

If you have strong teeth, absolutely, but we do not recommend it! However, we eat our Tibetan Dog Chews all the time. Yes that’s right, we personally taste every batch ourselves. If it is not good enough for us then it is not good enough for your dogs.


What are the feeding instructions for Tibetan Dog Chew?

Like any other chews, Tibetan Dog Chews are for supervised consumption only. Select a chew slightly larger than your dog’s mouth and monitor to insure that treat is adequately chewed prior to swallowing. Always provide adequate fresh drinking water.


What are the feeding recommendation for Tibetan Dog Chews?

Tibetan Dog Chew is a treat and must not be substituted for meals nor it is intended to be fed as a meal. We recommend giving 1-2 Tibetan Dog Chews during a one week period. Always provide adequate fresh drinking water.


How long does the Tibetan Dog Chew last?

Tibetan Dog Chew lasts fairly longer than other chews that are available in the market. It is such a long lasting chew that even an avid chewer would take hours and hours of voracious chewing if not days to fully consume it.


What do I do when a small piece of Tibetan dog chew is left?

When a small piece of Tibetan Dog Chew is leftover, it can be placed in a microwave for 40 seconds or until it puffs up and can be given back to your dog after it cools down for at least 2 minutes. Alternatively you can discard any chunks or fragments or any other potential hazard that you think may pose danger to your dog. Always provide adequate fresh drinking water.


Can I store the Tibetan Dog Chew after opening the pack?

Absolutely, you can store the Tibetan Dog Chew for quite a long time after opening its original packaging as long as the chew is not introduced to your dog and is kept away from moisture in a cool and dry place.


How do I store the chew after introducing it to a dog?

When your dog has not consumed the whole chew and you want to store it away make sure the Tibetan Dog Chew is fully dried before storing. Any contact with water or moisture for prolonged hours will make the chew go bad especially when the dog is not chewing.


What are the storing recommendation for Tibetan dog chew after introducing it to my dog?

The Tibetan Dog Chew has to be completely dried before it can be appropriately stored. After drying, we recommend that you wrap Tibetan dog chew in a paper towel or a piece of dry cloth and put it inside the original packaging without closing the zip to allow ventilation. If you do not have the original packaging simply wrap it in a paper towel or a piece of dry cloth and store it in a high and dry place. Never store together fresh chews and chews already introduced to your dogs.


Does Tibetan Dog Chew expire?

Absolutely! For your buying confidence the expiration dates are printed on every package to inform you when the product will expire. Leave the guess work behind and buy with confidence!


Does Tibetan Dog Chew go bad before the expiration date?

Tibetan Dog Chew has a 2 years shelf life and it is very rare for the chew to go bad while still in its original packaging. The only likelihood of the chew going bad is when it comes in contact with moisture for a prolonged period of time.


How can I tell when my chew has gone bad?

As you know, Tibetan Dog Chew is a handmade artisan cheese from the centuries old authentic recipe of the Tibetan Monks in the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet. The difference in color, shape, size, appearance are all inevitable part of the product and should not be confused with a chew gone bad. The only way to tell if the chew is bad is when you see signs of mold growth; patches of white/bluish green fibrous spots on the chew. If this happens while still in its original packaging please do NOT feed your dog and contact us immediately for a free replacement. If you still need further assistance in determining the product, you can always email us the picture and our experts can tell you accurately 9 out of 10 times by just looking at the picture.


Why do some chews have holes and are hollow inside?

Tibetan Dog Chew Himalayan is 100% cheese and the holes are not made by the mice nibbling away the cheese! Instead, they are called “eyes” in the cheese world and are formed by trapped gas bubbles that are released during the cheese-making process. This is one of the inherent characteristics of Tibetan Dog Chew.