Top three meaningful gifts for Man’s Best Friend-(DOG)!

Pet owner’s always prefer to be well-informed about the products and services, before using or purchasing it for their pet. As a parent of a tiny wordless pet, they always want “the-best” items and wouldn’t mind spending few hours to research about it. The long-awaited holiday season is already in and you’re likely to be looking for that right pack of gift for your loved ones. It’s not easy selecting perfect gift for anyone. Right? We have to understand each member’s color taste and take in consideration their likes and dislikes. It’s easier for humans to express themselves, but have your thought about your little four legged munchkin? What are you planning to surprise “Man’s best friend with? As you are going through this piece of writing, it can be said that you, my reader, are in state of dilemma as you see so many cute stuffs hanging, while crossing dog stores located in your neighborhood. You might pause a little while, sneak-into the store, see more goodies and find yourself in the situation of being perplexed.

There are lots of cute stuffs available in the market for your pet. But we have collected top three meaningful GIFTS with which you can surprise your pet this New year!

Grooming and Spa day :

Having a bad day at work, returning home feeling exhausted, you open your door and then you see your   little fluffy kid wagging its tail, moving towards you with a happy face. Ahh! Your tiredness just vanishes off like a magic. You put your hands over them and shake their head, kiss them, hold them and talk to them even when knowing their replies are without words. Similarly, there are holidays or sad days while in home where we often hug our tiny munchkin to sleep or just play with them to forget our sorrows. As we know how much they love us and so do we, why not take them for a grooming and spa day?  At the end it’s us who are more in love with their softness more than them, aren’t we?  Its best advised to take your dog for a walk before heading for spa as little tiredness before relaxation session is said to have more benefit. In addition, it’s easier to handle dogs while they have low energy level during grooming session. If you are taking in the grooming package service make sure it involves massage session along with nail clipping and bathing. As gentle massage will help your pup to relieve all his body pain and helps them to relax.

When your dog is done with the grooming and spa session reward them with a gluten and grain free Himalayan dog chew for being so good throughout the spa and grooming session.

Cozy new Bed:

Is it possible for us to sleep on grounds or floors every day? No, right. Like us our canine friends also need one specific cozy and warm bed to sleep. Many a times our dogs get sick by sleeping on cold floors. No matter how well-maintained and clean our floors are there are microscopic harmful particles, invisible to our eyes, present on them. Sometimes, ants or tiny insects may get into your dogs ear, nose or inside their body coat eating their skin and causing skin irritation. It’s right of every domesticated animal to have a safe and peaceful space to sleep. Gifting your dog with a warm bed will definitely lighten your pups face. If you already have one then you can replace it with the recent modern launched in the nearby stores. When you have a separate bed for your dog they will stop trying to climb up your furniture or sofas in search of warm place. This will ultimately save your furniture pieces from being destroyed. When your dog has a sleeping place they will not bother you by trying to sneak into your bed when you don’t want to sleep with them. When you finally decide to purchase new or replace the old dog bed, look for those materials which have a feature of reducing back and hip pain and other bone discomforts such as arthritis. Must say! Dog bed is one meaningful purchase. To develop a habit of sleeping on their own bed you can take help from our dog treats. When every your dog sleeps at their bed you can give him yak dog chew for being good. Remember! Small rewards from their parents encourage dogs to follow their good actions.

Give your dog the freedom to roam around and free yourself from anxiety of losing your dog with help of GPS tracker’s:

Purchasing a collar GPS tracker reduces the risk of missing your dog. These technically advanced tracker provides allows your pup to move freely and you wouldn’t even have to worry about if your dog is safe from dog thief or not. GPS tracker allows the pet owner to understand and know more about their dog habit. They might be little expensive due to ample of benefit. Despite being a little too costlier it is worth a purchase. Along with the collar attached to GPS you can buy new dog toys and healthy himalayan dog chew. Also, you have to be careful that not all dog products and services offered are dog-friendly. If you love hiking and also want your dog to go on a trail or non-trail hike with you then its best advised to buy one GPS tracker by doing so you do not have to hold on to your dogs chain while on hike. In this way, you can enjoy the scenic beauty and nature around you and your dog will do the same but on its walking pace. In fact, GPS frees your dog from chains. And you must know that dog’s are not meant to be chained. No animals are supposed to be chain.

Lastly, not from our list, would like to share one valuable yet important gift idea for your dog. And it is not expensive treats or toys but your time and love. This gift can only be given by dog owners can to their pet and is more important than any of the aforementioned surprises. It’s your love and time. Dogs quest for your love and attention when they look at you. Give them sufficient time this holiday session and play with them their favorite outdoor games. They trust you and the decisions you make for them. Don’t allow the feeling of being uncared ever get into their heart. Always spare a time from your daily work for them. For best you can train them to help you in small things which are easier for them to adapt to. The main motive here is to make your spend more time with your dog even when you are busy with your work.  The gift which they will never forget is abundance of love from you.  On this note, would like to wish you and your pup very happy and meaningful holidays!

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