PUFFS (5 lbs) “For All Sized Dogs” Puffed-Up Tibetan Cheese Nuggets

$ 266.00


Rewards your dog with our fluffy-puffy and mouth pleasing, Tibetan Cheese Nuggets prepared by using the finest milk from Yak.  Spoil your furry friends with Cheese Nuggets as it is last longer and will provide long term chewing fun, keeping them occupied when you are busy. This dog treat 100% free from any foul smell and can be used indoor or outdoor as per the need. Made with only natural home based ingredients, this nuggets are free from grain based protein (glutens) and additives. It only contains milk from yak, juice of lime and a pinch of salt extracted from the Himalayas. They are made in USA and are rich in protein and calcium as a result of which it promotes healthy & clean gums.  And Yes! Cheese Nuggets are suitable from dogs of all size. Share this treat with your furry friend now.