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    Why purchase Tibetan Dog Chew Himalayan at Wholesale?

    If you are a business owner looking to expand your business by selling and buying the products, this is a forefront factor that needs to be looked on. As a business person or individual you are always on a lookout to increase the revenue and reduce cost. Buying dog chew from a wholesale dealer comes with several benefits including;

    • Monetary gain: The wholesalers when bulk purchasing offer special price which is lesser than the market price and give free delivery service above certain quantity.  So, you get to save some percentage of finance.
    • Time-saving: Filling the stocks by making bulk purchase is lot faster than going to individual stores and picking it. The individual buying process is much slower, which may even make you lose your clients. So instead of worrying on replenishment of inventory why not take the benefits of Himalayan Dog Chew Wholesale.

    Further, using online wholesalers comes with an extra benefit, such as access to suppliers and distribution over a large geographical area. You can directly get in touch with the seller through internet and get the product delivered at your doorstep, without having to pay any intermediary cost.

    The natural Himalayan Dog Chew is prepared from the ancient recipes inherited from the Tibetan monks residing in the Himalayan region of Nepal. The dog chew is produced with the use of simple ingredients of Yak milk, Cow milk, Lime and Salt.

    The Tibetan Dog Chews are the natural alternatives for your dogs to promote healthy chewing. Hence, its free from preservatives, 100% natural, long-lasting, contains high protein, minimal odor, long-lasting, minimal odor, non-staining, non-staining, no binding agents, no artificial flavors, no GMOs and no irradiated ingredients.

    We take pride in the quality our product. And we further commit to manufacture and deliver the best and healthiest chews which are non-negotiable in terms of health.


    Reasons to choose Himalayan Tibetan Dog Chew

    • Keeps your dog engaged: These are hard in nature, hence its durable. For an average dog it will take a long time to completely devour it. But be sure to give them chews which are right ones.
    • No preservatives: For dogs with sensitive stomach and lactose intolerance Tibetan Dog Chews are best, as it chemical free, gluten free, grain free and safe.


    Products Available in Tibetan Dog Chew

    • Tibetan Dog Chews
    • Tibetan Dog Antlers
    • Tibetan Dog Treats
    • Tibetan Bulk Chew
    • Double up value pack


    Reap the most from the Wholesale service offered by us! Give a high-quality entertaining treatment to your dogs, for more information of the product you can contact us!