As we all know that Dogs are well known for their constancy and the way of friendliness they show with humans, but they behave according to their moods and desires. Like the way they act shows their feelings, their activities give the reflection of their temper because like human they somehow feel irritated and wants to stay alone. The way you can analyze your pet feelings determine how close you are with them. So, let’s find out how your puppies can make you feel that they have an enormous amount of love for you.

If your puppy wags tail all the time, then you are a great parent, if not then don’t worry dogs normally don’t do that all the time. A May it be a teacup dog or a giant Great Dane, wagging tail is a sign of happiness for dogs, they might have felt safe around you and your presence must have given them an extreme joy. When you go home after a long working day with a tired face, and the jump and the licks you get from your puppy must have given you the tearful bliss. It happens with all the dog owners and the main thing is that your love toward them determines how much they care about you. Dogs come toward you, shows their happy face and requests for your attention, and this is the result of your devotion and love to them.

Puppies do loves to roll-over, in many cases when they saw you, their action immediately begins and starts to show their belly by lying on the floor. This signifies their defenselessness and openness; they believe that you are a trustworthy person and showing their vulnerability will never be a threat. They are in fact requesting you to play with them.

When puppies jump near you and crawl in your lap, then be completely certain that they want to lay in your lap and your hand movement makes them feel loved and pleased. They are showing their urge to be attached to you, and the physical contact you have with them makes them feel that they are wanted, and their presence is as much value as your other family members.

Many of you sleep with your pet, it might not be your preference but if they never leave your side during the night then you are very lucky because your pet loves you very much. They trust you, care about your happiness and the wretchedness you are going through makes them sad too. They love to chew your stuff and always play near you because your company will make them feel less lonely.

These are some of the behaviors your pet shows if they are happy by your love towards them and the affection you receive from your pet will give you an enormous amount of satisfaction.

So, now let’s talk about how you will receive all those affections from your dog. For that, you should also be as faithful and true as them. Their innocent eyes show all the love they have for you and it does not happen over-night. For that, your dedication towards them should be at the highest level. There are some ways that give you an idea to show love to your pet. So, have these ideas and implement them within you and find that delight and happiness by being with your dog.

Make sure your pet is healthy

Regular health check-up of your pet is the most important thing you need to keep in mind because the good health of your pet determines their physical ability and fitness. Pet loves to go to doctor as much as you. Even if you don’t, they need it on a regular basis.


Play with your dogs

Your dog also feels unhappy, even if they cannot express themselves in words their actions show all of it. So, you must make sure that you play with your dog daily, even if it is not always possible, manage some time so that you and your dog can relieve the stress.


Help them feel secure

Many of you might have noticed, the fear in dogs’ eyes. This is because of the anxiety and distress resulted from certain incidents that have indirectly affected the dog’s feelings. So, provide a safe environment so that they feel you are their safety and their well-being matters to you a lot.


Learn their expressions and their language

Your pet constantly communicates with you, so you need to realize their expression and learn their movements so that they feel emotionally attached to you.


Feed them healthy food

A healthy diet is essential for dogs as much as it is needed for you so regularly checking that your pet is having good food is important. Tibetan Dog Chew offers a great range of himalayan cheese dog treat, chews, and antlers which are naturally crafted with the ancient recipes from the land of Himalayas. The only ingredients used in the production of dog chew are cow milk, yak milk, lime and salt which are very beneficial to promote the oral health of your dog.


Make them feel wanted

Giving attention to your pet is not always possible, but if you can manage your time then you must give some to your dog so that they will be less lonely and show their smiley face to you whenever you feel sad.


Maintain their physical fitness

Making them exercise in a regular basis is also another important thing you must remember. Always feeding the as much they want makes them unhealthy and their weight may increase in an unnatural way. So, take them to the park or even at home make them run with the help of a toy.


Be kind with them

When we go through pain and sadness, we always want someone to look after us and make us realize that our presence also matters to lots of people. Same goes with your puppy, they fear from your loud voice and scolding may affect them. So, stay with them and talk with a gentle voice even if they do something wrong.


Lastly, just love them

If you are being responsible and maintaining all the above things for your puppy, then you are in love with your dog and their safety and health matters to you so much. Understanding what they want to express with you and realizing their importance in your life will make your dog and you glad.

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