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Tibetan Dog Chew

  • Is 100% Natural High Protein, Long Lasting
  • Is Long Lasting, Has Minimal Odor, Non Staining
  • Has NO Grains, NO Gluten, NO Corn, Soy or Wheat
  • Has NO Binding Agents, NO Artificial Flavors and Colors

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Who We Are

Tibetan Dog Chew – Mount Tibet Corporation is incorporated in the great state of Texas with one simple mission

“To dedicate itself in bringing natural alternatives for the health and well being of your dogs.” !!!

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Our Customer Stories


Lilly, my Shih Tzu loves

Lilly, my Shih Tzu loves her Tibetan Dog Chew, thanks for making such a great, quality product!

Tom H.

Molly will spend hours in

Molly will spend hours in the yard chewing on her Tibetan Dog Chew, her teeth look great and I know it’s healthy for her too!

Sophie W.

Tasty, healthy treat for our puppy

Kira, our 6 month old labradoodle, loves her Tibetan Dog Chew. When her first Chew broke up a little prematurely, the company sent us another two chews as per their 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. Their prompt attention was greatly appreciated!

Vivien H.

My dog loves it

I have a 2 year old Schnauzer and he goes crazy over this he stays occupied for a long time I would recommend this product to all my family and friends


Himalayan Natural Dog Chew 

Tibetan Dog Chew is truly an artisan cheese made from Yak milk and Cow milk. It is a kind of Gruyère cheese made from the centuries old authentic recipe created by the Tibetan Monks in the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet and brought to your beloved four legged friends by Mount Tibet Corporation. At Mount Tibet Corporation we are dedicated to bringing you natural alternatives for the health and well being of your dogs. We chew our Himalayan Dog Treats all the time. Yes that’s right, we personally taste our himalayan chew ourselves. If it is not good enough for us then it is not good enough for your dogs. Tibetan Dog Chew in himalaya are made by the local artisan farmers using centuries old traditional methods, utensils and tools. The process starts with hand milking the pasture grazed yaks and cows. A human powered separator skims the cream away from the milk and then skimmed milk is used in making the Tibetan Dog Chew – The best Himalayan Dog Cheesy Chew.