Collection: Natural Elk Antler for Dogs

Explore our collection of elk antlers for dogs to find the right size natural antler chew for your dog. Our 100% natural and long lasting elk antlers chews are ethically sourced in the USA & naturally shed.

Tibetan elk antlers are available in 4 sizes for all breeds and sizes of dog and 2 options: whole elk antler for agressive chewers and split for soft chewers. These all-natural chews can satisfy your dogs' chewing instinct and keep them healthy.

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Are elk antlers safe for dogs?

Elk antlers are generally considered safe for dogs, but there are some risks to be aware of. They can help promote dental health by scraping away plaque and tartar, and provide mental stimulation and long-lasting chews. However, the hardness of elk antlers poses a risk of fractured teeth, especially for aggressive chewers. It's important to supervise your dog when giving them antlers and choose an appropriate size and density based on their chewing habits.

Do vets recommend antlers for dogs? 

Many vets recommend elk antlers as a safe, long-lasting chew option for dogs, as long as they are given under supervision and the dog's dental health is monitored.  However, some vets may not recommend them for dogs with existing dental issues or for very aggressive chewers due to the risk of tooth fractures.

What type of antler is best for dogs? 

The best type of antler depends on your dog's size, age, and chewing habits. Whole elk antlers are the most durable, while split antlers expose the softer marrow. Larger, denser antlers are better for big dogs or aggressive chewers, while smaller, softer antlers are suitable for smaller dogs or gentle chewers.

How to prepare antlers for dogs? 

Before giving your dog an elk antler, inspect it for any cracks, splinters, or sharp edges that could pose a safety hazard. Start with an appropriately sized antler for your dog, and supervise their initial chewing sessions to ensure it's a good fit. Regularly check the antler for excessive wear and replace it if it becomes too small or develops sharp edges.