Can Puppies Have Yak Chews?

Can puppies have yak chews?

Pet owners often wonder what chews are most suitable for their puppies, such as yak chews. Especially when it comes to yak chews, pet owners have many questions and doubts regarding whether yak chews are suitable for puppies in terms of safety, dental health, and nutrition. Let's explore all these concerns and find out whether puppies can have yak chews.

What are Yak Chews?

Yak chews, also known as yak milk chews, cheese chews, or cheese dog chews, are among the most popular chews for dogs made from yak and cow milk. These chews are nutritious and long-lasting alternatives to rawhide chews or other rubber chews available in the market. Yak chews originated in the Himalayas. They are organic and contain no preservatives or additives, making them healthy and nutritious for your puppies.

Benefits of Yak Chews for Puppies

Dental Health

Yak chews are beneficial for the dental health of your puppies. Yak chews promote healthy teeth and gums by reducing plaque and tartar buildup as your pups gnaw on them. As puppies chew on these hard chews, the abrasive action of yak chews can help remove all the food particles in teeth and stimulate saliva production. Yak Chews helps to promote fresh breath and improve the oral hygiene of your puppy.

Long-Lasting Entertainment

Chewing is puppies' natural instinct, especially dogs who chew aggressively during their teething phase. Puppies have boundless energy and are in constant need of simulation. Yak chews help to provide engaging and long-lasting chewing experiences helping redirect their chewing behavior away from destructive chewing habits like furniture or shoes. Yak chews can help puppies be occupied longer, providing mental and physical stimulation.

Suitable for Teething Puppies

21% of the dog owners use chews as a calming product for their puppies and medium-sized dogs. Puppies tend to be irritated and gnaw on different things aggressively, especially during the teething phase. Yak chews being rigid, are the perfect solution for teething puppies as they can endure the aggressive chewing habits of puppies. These chews also help calm puppies and keep them busy without worrying about your furniture and shoes!

Safety Considerations

Yak chews provide numerous benefits to your puppies. However, pet owners must consider safety when introducing their puppies to these hard yak chews or other chews. Below listed are some of the main points to consider while introducing chews to your pups:

  • Age and Size: Yak chews are suitable for puppies once adult teeth grow after 4 to 6 months. So pet owners should avoid giving yak chews to puppies that are very young with developing teeth as there can be the risk of chipping teeth or may pose other risks.
  • Supervision: You should be supervising your puppy while they are chewing on a yak chew. You should monitor their chewing habits and ensure they do not swallow large or sharp pieces that may cause choking hazards. If the chew becomes small enough to swallow, you can microwave the chews and turn them into crunchy cheese puffs that your pup will love!
  • Quality and Sourcing: You should choose high-quality organic yak chews that do not contain preservatives or additives since your fur baby might be allergic to some of the artificial flavors or additives. So get premium quality chews for your companion from a renowned brand like Tibetan Dog Chew.
  • Allergies and Sensitivities: It is essential to observe your puppy's response to yak chews. If you notice any signs of allergic reactions, you should stop the use and consult your veterinarian.

What Age Can Puppies Have Yak Chews?

Puppies can start having yak chews around 4-6 months of age, once their teeth are strong enough for safe chewing. It is also crucial to supervise them during yak chew sessions to prevent any potential choking hazards. If uncertain, consult your vet for guidance on introducing these treats to your young pup.

Can Puppies Have Yak Chews?

Yes, surely puppies can have yak chews! Yak chews offer dental health, nutrition, and hours of delicious chewing experience. It is also essential to introduce yak chews responsibly by considering the age and size of your dogs. Also, it would help if you supervise your dog while gnawing on yak chews. Considering all the safety precautions and considerations, you can provide your beloved puppies with yak chews for a safe and enjoyable chewing experience.

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