Top 5 Best Edible Dog Chews

Top 5 Best Edible Dog Chews

Dog owners know the struggle – finding the perfect chew that keeps their furry companions entertained, satisfied, and, most importantly, safe. Traditional dog chews made from rubber or plastic can pose risks or discomfort to our beloved pets. That's where edible dog chews come into play, offering a healthier, safer, and longer-lasting alternative.

Problem with Non-Edible Chews:

Non-edible chews, though popular, often come with their own set of issues. They can wear down quickly, pose a choking hazard, or even cause digestive discomfort. These concerns have led dog owners to seek better, more suitable options.

The Best Alternative: Edible Dog Chews

Edible dog chews present a game-changing solution. They provide entertainment, nutritional benefits, and dental hygiene advantages. Among these, yak chews and elk antler chews stand out for their exceptional qualities.

Top 5 Edible Dog Chews:

Here's the list of top 5 edible chews for your dogs that are not only healthy, but also long-lasting and safe. 

  • Yak Chews
  • Elk Antler Chews
  • Bully Sticks
  • Raw Bones
  • Sweet Potato Chews

Yak Chews

These durable and natural chews are derived from the Himalayan region, offering dogs a long-lasting chewing experience. Rich in protein and calcium, they promote dental health and satisfy your dog's natural urge to chew.

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Elk Antler Chews

Harvested ethically from shed antlers, these chews are a fantastic source of essential minerals like calcium and phosphorus. Elk antler chews are long-lasting and do not splinter, making them safe for aggressive chewers. 

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Bully Sticks

Another popular choice, bully sticks, also known as pizzle sticks, offer a protein-rich chewing experience. They're easily digestible and serve as an alternative to traditional rawhide chews. However, they may not last as long as yak or antler chews.

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Raw Bones

Natural bare bones, especially larger ones like beef bones, can provide an enjoyable chewing experience. They are high in minerals and nutrients. However, supervision is crucial to prevent choking or tooth damage.

Sweet Potato Chews

A vegetarian option, these chews are low in fat and rich in vitamins. They can be an excellent choice for dogs with specific dietary needs or those prone to allergies.

Comparing Edible Chews

  • Durability: Yak chews and elk antler chews outlast most non-edible alternatives, providing extended chewing enjoyment.
  • Nutritional Value: Both yak chews and elk antler chews offer vital nutrients like calcium, making them beneficial for your dog's health.
  • Safety: Unlike some non-edible chews, yak and antler chews are less likely to splinter, reducing the risk of digestive issues or injury.

Answers to Common Queries:

What do vets recommend for dogs to chew on?

Many vets recommend natural options like yak chews or elk antler chews due to their safety and health benefits.

What is the healthiest thing for a dog to chew?

Yak chews and elk antler chews rank high due to their natural composition and nutritional content. Yak chews are rich in protein and are easily digestible since they do not contain any additives or preservatives.

Antler chews, being all-natural, are rich in essential minerals for dogs like calcium, phosphorus, manganese, and many more for their overall growth.

What is the safest dog chew for aggressive chewers?

Elk antler chews are often recommended for their durability and safety, ideal for strong chewers.

What are the best edible chew toys for dogs?

Among the best are yak chews and elk antler chews, providing a long-lasting and healthy chewing experience.


Their safety, durability, and nutritional value are critical when choosing the best chew for your dog. While various edible options exist, yak chews and elk antler chews take the lead for their remarkable benefits. Give your furry friend the joy of safe and healthy chewing with these superior alternatives.


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