Why are Yak Cheese Chews used as Calming Treats for Puppies

Why are Yak Cheese Chews used as Calming Treats for Puppies

As a loving puppy parent, you experience different moments when your puppy acts restless and anxious, making you search for different ways to calm your puppy down. In pursuing the best methods of calming your puppy, have you considered yak cheese dog chews as a puppy calming treat?

Let's learn precisely how yak cheese chews might suit you best as a puppy calming treat.

Understanding Puppy Anxiety

Puppies are sensitive beings that can experience various forms of anxiety. Separation from their owners, new environments, unfamiliar situations, or loud noises can trigger anxieties in puppies like a human baby.

Your puppy can exhibit different signs of anxiety while going through this stressful time, such as whining, excessive barking, or destructive behavior like chewing on different things. Providing the right kind of calming treat to help them deal with these emotions is essential.

Benefits of Yak Cheese

While going through treats to calm your puppy, it is essential to provide healthy and nutritious treats only for the well-being of your beloved puppies. Yak cheese dog chews are one of the most used treats to calm puppies and are loved by dog parents. Some of the reasons why yak cheese is used as calming chews are:

  1. Long-Lasting: One of the most essential benefits of yak cheese is its durability. Yak chews are famous for their super hard property as they are made by hardening yak cheese.
  2. Healthy and Easily Digestible: Yak chews are rich in protein and calcium, essential for dogs' growth and overall well-being. Yak chews are limited ingredients and contain no-filler ingredients or additives, making them healthy treats. Yak chews are easily digestible, too, making them safe for your dogs.
  3. Grain-Free and Gluten-Free: Grain and gluten are one of the most common allergens in dogs. Being free from grain and gluten, yak chews are safe for your puppies. Yak chews contain no other ingredients besides milk, cow milk, salt, and lime juice.

How Do Yak Chews Calm Puppies?

  1. Natural Serotonin Boost: Yak cheese chews have been found to contain an essential amino acid that is known to produce serotonin (the feel-good neurotransmitter). It helps to regulate mood, sleep, and anxiety levels. By providing puppies with yak chews, you are helping to boost the serotonin levels of your dog, leading to a calmer and relieved puppy.
  2. Long-Lasting Chewing Action: Puppies are instinctive to chew aggressively, especially during the teething phase. Yak chews are highly durable and offer extended chewing action that keeps your puppy engaged and distracted from stress. The act of chewing helps to keep your puppy calm and promotes relaxation.
  3. High in Nutritional Value: Yak chews are rich in essential nutrients, making them a wholesome option for your growing puppy. Yak chews contain nutrients like protein and calcium required for your puppy's growth. Yak chew treats contribute to the dietary needs of the puppies while calming them down.
  4. Lactose Intolerant Friendly: Puppies are mostly sensitive to lactose, so you should be careful while providing dairy-based chews. Yak chews, being all-natural and additive-free, are safe for puppies, even with lactose intolerance. It would be best to be careful while providing yak chews to your puppy and contact the veterinarian in case of concern.
  5. Ideal for Crate Training and Separation Anxiety: Crate training is an essential part of puppy training. However, crate training can lead to anxiety in some puppies. Providing puppies with yak cheese dog chews can help to make crate training easier for you. These chews can help keep your pups engaged and busy in their designated places. Also, calming chews help dogs that are suffering from separation anxiety by providing a sense of comfort.

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Yak Cheese Treats To Calm Puppies

Yak cheese can be provided in two forms for your puppies:

  1. Yak Chews: Yak chews are super hard chews that keep your puppies entertained for hours while gnawing on them. These chews come in sticks and are textured, suitable for teething puppies. 


  1. Yak Cheese Puffs: Yak cheese puffs are derived from yak chews; Yak chews are microwaved to form crunchy cheese puffs. These chews are generally provided as snacks or training treats as a reward.

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