Yak Cheese Puffs - A Crunchy Delight for a Healthier and Happier Dog

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Crunchy Cheese Puff is a unique, high-quality dog treat crafted to satisfy your dog's chewing instinct while providing essential nutrients. These delicately puffed dice of chew nuggets are made from yak cheese, a protein-rich ingredient known for its health benefits.

This treat is delicious and free from any preservatives, aligning with a natural and healthy lifestyle for your furry friend. It's an excellent choice for playtime or training sessions, making your dog's learning phase more enjoyable and rewarding.

What Makes Our Crunchy Cheese Puffs Desirable?

Tibetan Crunchy Cheese Puffs are made from premium yak milk sourced from the Himalayas. The natural and unique blend of ingredients has an incredible nutritional profile and numerous other benefits, making it an excellent choice for your dog's diet. Let us explore what truly sets these treats apart from the rest.


  • Use of 100% Natural ingredients

Our crunchy cheese puffs are not just treats for your dog, but they also offer remarkable health benefits. Their appeal lies in the 100% natural ingredients like yak milk, cow milk, lime, and salt used in their creation. This product is free from artificial additives and harmful elements, making it a healthy choice.

  • Gluten-Free, Grain Free, and Lactose-Free Products

As a gluten-free, grain-free, and lactose-free product, our cheese puffs cater to dogs with various dietary requirements and sensitivities, making it a safer choice for all fur parents.

  • Suitable for All Types of Dogs

Tibetan crunchy cheese puffs are not breed-specific — they are suitable for all dogs, regardless of breed or size. From a Chihuahua to a Great Dane, every dog shall enjoy these treats' flavorsome and nutrient-dense goodness.

  • Healthy Treat for Dog Training

Our crunchy cheese puffs are a healthy treat for dog training. Rewarding your dog with this crunchy delight during training sessions motivates them and contributes to their overall well-being. Needless to say, our Tibetan Crunchy Cheese Puffs are much more than just dog treats; they're a desirable lifestyle choice for your dog.


Tibetan Crunchy Cheese Puffs are a great way to give your furry friend a healthy and rewarding treat. Not only will they satisfy their craving, but these puffs offer numerous health benefits from their naturally sourced ingredients. As the perfect combination of nutritious goodness and enjoyable treats, our crunchy cheese puffs are ideal for all dogs.


How are Tibetan Crunchy Cheese Puffs made?

Our Tibetan Crunchy Cheese Puffs begin their journey as premium-grade yak cheese sourced from the Himalayas. The cheese is then carefully diced and gently puffed under precise conditions to create a light, crispy texture that dogs love.

Are Yak Puffs Good for Dogs?

Our cheese puffs are not only delicious but also packed with essential nutrients. They are high in protein, which helps keep your dog satisfied throughout the day. Plus, they are gluten-free, grain-free, and lactose-free, making them a safe treat even for dogs with dietary restrictions or sensitivities.

Is Crunchy Cheese Puff Similar to a Dog Biscuit?

While both are forms of dog treats, these cheese puffs are healthier options. Moreover, cheese puffs are made from yak cheese, offering a unique flavor not commonly found in traditional dog biscuits.

Are These Cheese Puffs Suitable for Use as Training Treats?

Yes, our crunchy cheese puffs make excellent training treats. Their unique flavor is particularly enticing to dogs, making them an effective positive reinforcement during training sessions.

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