What is month-end sale?

What is month-end sale?
The month-end sale is a clearance sale we offer to our website visitors on the last two days of every month. For example, 30th and 31st of October.

How long do month-end sale last?
Month-end sales last only for48 hours on our website.

Why do we do it?
After selling our chews for the whole month, we run this event to share our joy of accomplishments among paws and paw-lovers

How much discount do I get?
The discount depends upon products and the season which may vary anywhere between 5 to 20 percent.

Do all visitors get a discount at the month-end sale?
Every visitor that visits our website is eligible for the month-end sale discount. No account creation is required!

Is there any minimum purchase requirements?
No, there is no minimum purchase requirements. Just by any amount of chews as per your need.

How do I apply to get a discount?
You just have to purchase the desired products, and you will automatically get a discount at checkout. It’s that easy.

Which products are eligible for a discount?
All the products available on our website (except bundle offers) are eligible for a discount, whether you buy a piece chew or a 2lb bulk pack.