What is Tibetan Dog Coupon?


What is Tibetan Dog Coupon?

Tibetan Dog Coupon is a discount coupon exclusively for regular buyers of Tibetan Dog Chew. Owning this coupon means:

  • We have recognized you as our loyal customer.
  • We have recognized you as member of our United Dog Lovers of America (UDLA) Community.
  • There is always a special discount granted for you.
  • There is always a special customer care service assigned for you.


How to apply for Tibetan Dog Coupon?

You can’t apply for. When you are eligible, we will contact you via email or contact number.


What should I do to be eligible for Tibetan Dog Coupon?

We should feel being loved, being liked, and being supported for the purpose of our existence, that is -

  • You have repeatedly purchased our products from Ebay, Etsy, Amazon, Walmart, or our website in the last 3 months.
  • You genuinely like our product and service.
  • You enjoy engaging with our brand through social media, Newsletter, blogs, etc.
  • You cared to give your honest opinion and feedback/reviews.


How it’s di­fferent from usual discount coupon?

Usually discount coupons don’t work during SALES AND OFFERS, whereas Tibetan Dog Coupon always grants you bit of discount regardless of what sales and o­ffers going on, which means you will always be getting our product at bit lesser price than the rests.


How much discount the Tibetan Dog Coupon does o­ffer?

It’s variable depending upon what ongoing o­ffers and discounts are already in place. In usual days, that is when no o­ffer or sales happening, you may get anywhere from 5-10% discount. It really depends upon various conditions.

Regardless, as stated above, you will be getting something bit extra than the rest of the customers.