What is "Woof-Woof Wednesday" Sale?

What is Woof-Woof Wednesday?

 “Woof-Woof Wednesday” Sale is a weekday event at our website where we offer our products at discounted price for anyone who will make the purchase from our website.  It happens every Wednesday.

Why do we have Woof-Woof Wednesday Sale?

After successful Saturday Supaw Sale event we got lots of requests from our customers who would like to experience similar event for customers with varying schedules. So we thought why not to add extra fun on mid-week. And that’s how “Woof-Woof Wednesday” Sale was born.

How do I avail the Woof-Woof discount?

Every Wednesday on our website, you will find an automatic discount of 10% on all our products. You can see the discounted price during the checkout.

Who is eligible for a discount?

Every visitor that visits our website is eligible for the discount.