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Having a small dog and, in addition to that, a puppy in a teething phase that chews on everything aggressively is one of the biggest challenges for small-sized dog owners. Small breed dogs like YorkieMiniature PinscherChow Chow, Pomeranian, Shih Tzu, and many other dogs are known for their aggressive behavior. Especially during the teething phase, these breeds and other generally small-sized dogs rip apart everything they find.

Tibetan Dog Chew has brought the perfect solution to keep your small-sized dogs calm and engaged while keeping your stuff safe. We proudly present you our dog chews for small dogs. Our dog chews (yak chews, naturally shed elk antlers, and crispy cheese puffs) for small dogs are designed explicitly for small-sized dogs and small dog breeds. Our all-natural and healthy dog chews are perfect for all dog breeds.

Here are some of the main features of dog chews by Tibetan Dog Chew:

  • All-natural and additive-free
  • Long-lasting
  • Limited ingredients
  • Lasts for hours, if not days
  • High protein, low-fat dog chews
  • Suitable for all sizes and breeds of dogs
  • Maintains oral hygiene of dogs
  • Mentally stimulate dogs and keep them engaged

Some of the best dog chews for small dogs by Tibetan Dog Chew are:

  • Yak Chews for Small Dogs under 15lbs
  • Small-Sized Naturally Shed Elk Antlers for Dogs
  • Crunchy Cheese Puffs for Dogs

Yak Chews for Small Dogs under 15lbs

Yak chews are suitable for small dogs and breeds weighing under 15 lbs. These chews are perfect to calm anxious puppies and keep them engaged for several hours, if not days. These chews are designed to fit perfectly in small dogs' jaws.

Why Yak Chews for Small Dogs?

Here are some of the reasons you should provide yak chew for your small dogs:

  • It's long-lasting and super tough to chew on.
  • Keeps your pups engaged for longer hours.
  • Yak chews help to calm down anxious puppies.
  • Keeps teeth clean by scraping off plaques and tartar buildups.
  • Healthy and easily digestible chews.
  • Limited ingredient chews comprise yak milk, cow milk, salt, and lime juice.
  • Grain and gluten-free dog chews.
  • Low in fat and high in protein.
  • Calm down puppies while they are in the teething phase.
  • Safer and healthier than rawhide chews.

At Tibetan Dog Chew, yak chews for small dogs are available in a packet containing 3 pieces of hard yak chews. Also, our small yak chews are available in a bulk bag that has a minimum of 28 sticks of these chews.

Small-Sized Naturally Shed Elk Antlers for Dogs

Small elk antlers for dogs are the way to go if you are searching for natural and nutrient-rich chews for your small dogs. Elk antlers for dogs are naturally shed chews and do not contain external additives or chemicals. These chews are naturally hard and are one of the best all-natural chews for dogs.

Why Elk Antlers for Small Dogs?

Here are some of the reasons why you should get small elk antlers for your dogs:

  • Naturally tough chews are perfect for aggressive chewers and teething puppies.
  • Rich in essential nutrients like iron, manganese, potassium, zinc, calcium, etc.
  • All-natural chews straight from nature.
  • Healthy and easily digestible dog chews.
  • Helps to clean plaque and tartar buildups from dogs’ teeth.
  • Helps to keep puppies calm and engaged for extended periods.

At Tibetan Dog Chew, elk antlers for small dogs are available in whole and split options. 

Crunchy Yak Cheese Puffs

Yak cheese puffs are more like treats for dogs. These crispy, cheesy chews can be used as training treats for dogs or crispy snacks for your puppies. These treats are made by puffing yak chews in the microwave. These delicious cheesy bite chews are great for training puppies. They can be provided as a reward for showcasing good behavior.

Why choose Yak Cheese Puffs?

Here are some of the reasons why you should provide yak cheese puffs for your puppies:

  • Healthy and delicious snacks.
  • These treats can be used as training treats for puppies.
  • Crunchy and soft in texture, suitable for small dogs.
  • All-natural dog treats made from the very best yak chews.
  • Safe and easily digestible.

Things to consider while choosing dog chew for small dogs

When selecting the perfect dog chew for your small dog breed, there are several important factors to consider to ensure their safety and enjoyment. Here's a guide to help you make the right choice:

Size-appropriate chews for small dogs

It's crucial to choose dog chews that are appropriately sized for small breeds. Some small dog breeds have high chewing tendencies and require dog chew a bit larger than recommended for the size of the dog. Look for chews specifically designed for small dogs to ensure a perfect fit.

Understanding your dog's chewing habits

Take note of your dog's chewing habits when selecting a chew. Some small breeds may be gentle chewers, while others may be more aggressive. Choose a chew that matches your dog's chewing style to ensure safety and chewing satisfaction.

Hardness and Durability considerations for small breeds

Consider the hardness and durability of the chew, especially for small breeds with delicate jaws. Opt for chews that are firm enough to provide a satisfying chewing experience but not so hard that they could damage your dog's teeth. Durable chews will also last longer, providing extended enjoyment.

Ingredients Used

Check the ingredients list to ensure that the chew is made from high-quality, safe ingredients. Avoid chews that contain artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, as these may be harmful to your dog's health. Choose chews made from natural ingredients that are easy to digest. Yak Cheese Dog Chew is the perfect example of limited ingredients and no additive dog chew for dogs.

Dog Chews for Small Dogs: Guidelines and Precautions

In addition to selecting the right chew for your small dog, it's essential to follow guidelines and take precautions to ensure their safety and well-being:

Dog Chews Feeding Frequency for small dogs

While there are dental benefits of dog chew, overfeeding can lead to weight gain and digestive issues, especially for small dogs. Chews should not take more than 10 % of the total calorie intake of the dog. Offer chews as occasional treats rather than daily snacks.

Choking Hazards of Dog Chew in small dogs

Be mindful of potential choking hazards associated with certain types of dog chews, especially for small breeds. Avoid chews that are too small or have parts that could break off and become lodged in your dog's throat. Supervise your dog while they chew to prevent accidents.

Make a DIY puff of leftover pieces of yak chews

Instead of wasting leftover pieces of yak chews and prevent choking hazards, consider repurposing them into homemade crunchy cheese puffs. Soak the leftover pieces in lukewarm water to soften them, then microwave them until they puff up into tasty treats. This not only reduces waste but also provides your small dog with a delicious and safe yak cheese puff you can prepare at home.

Supervise calorie content in chews for small breeds

Keep an eye on the calorie content of the chews you offer to your small dog, especially if they are prone to weight gain. Choose low-calorie options or adjust your dog's daily diet accordingly to prevent overfeeding. Maintaining a healthy weight is essential for your small dog's overall health and well-being.

Now you have the list of best dog chews for small dogs. Treat them now with these delicious and healthy chews and keep your puppies happy and healthy. Happy chewing!

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