Long Lasting Yak Chews for Large Dogs by Tibetan Dog Chew

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Having a large dog and, in addition to that, an aggressive chewer can be one of the biggest challenges for a large-sized dog owner. The strong jaws of large dogs can rip apart any furniture, shoes, cables, and whatnot?

Tibetan Dog Chew has brought the perfect solution to cope with this problem. We proudly present you our dog chews for large dogs. Our dog chews come in various sizes to cater to large dogs under 55lbs, extra-large dogs under 70lbs, and giant dogs under 100lbs. Our dog chews are suitable for dogs of all kinds of breeds.

Here are the main features of dog chews by Tibetan Dog Chew:

  • All-natural and additive-free
  • Long-lasting
  • Limited ingredients
  • Lasts for hours, if not days
  • High protein, low-fat dog chews
  • Suitable for all sizes and breeds of dogs
  • Maintains oral hygiene of dogs
  • Mentally stimulate dogs and keep them engaged

The best long-lasting yak chews for large dogs by Tibetan Dog Chew are:

  • Large Yak Chews for Dogs under 55lbs
  • Extra Large Yak Chews for Dogs under 70lbs
  • Jumbo Yak Chews for Giant Dogs under 100lbs
  • Tibetan Large Elk Antlers for Dogs
  • Tibetan Extra-Large Elk Antlers for Dogs

Large Yak Chews for Dogs under 55lbs

Yak chews for large dogs are suitable for dogs under 55 lbs. These chews are perfect to keep dogs engaged and calm. These chews are super hard to chew on and are long-lasting and durable. Being limited-ingredient dog treats made up of yak milk, cow milk, salt, and lime juice, these chews are perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Also, these chews are grain and gluten-free, making them suitable for dogs with these allergies.

Being low in fat and high in protein, these chews are healthier and safe alternatives to rawhide chews.

At Tibetan Dog Chew, these chews are available in different variants: single-piece yak chew, 2-piece dog chew, and bulk yak chews for large dogs.


Extra-Large Yak Chews for Dogs under 70lbs

Our yak chews for extra-large dogs are designed to cater to dogs weighing under 70 lbs. These chews suit giant dog breeds like Border CollieChesapeake Bay Retriever, Golden retrievers, boxers, and greyhounds. These chews are perfect for you if your furry friend has super tough jaws that like to constantly gnaw on something.

If your dogs are bored or anxious, these chews can be the best companion for your fur babies to keep them engaged and mentally stimulated. These chews are healthy and entirely digestible. So you don’t have to worry whether your dog has a sensitive stomach or is allergic to grain and gluten.

Give your pet the best chewing companion now.

Jumbo Yak Chews for Giant Dogs under 100lbs

If you have a giant breed of dog, our jumbo-sized yak chews for giant dogs under 100 lbs are the chew you need for your furry friend. These chews suit giant and extra-large breeds like RottweilersGreat DaneRottweilerBullmastiffBernese Mountain DogMastiff and many more.

If your dogs are fond of chewing everything heavily, these chews are perfect for your dogs. These chews are entirely digestible and healthy. Also, these chews are mess-free and odorless, and you don’t have to worry about all the mess your dog makes while chewing on these chews, unlike rawhide chews.

Tibetan Large Elk Antlers for Dogs

If you are looking for natural and nutritious chews for your dogs, elk antlers for dogs is the way to go. These chews are all-natural and rich in essential nutrients like glucosamine, iron, manganese, potassium, zinc, and calcium. These nutrients are crucial for the all-round development of dogs.

These chews are naturally tough to chew and are suitable for all kinds and sizes of dogs. These chews come in different sizes for different sizes and breeds of dogs.

Elk antlers for dogs are naturally shed and are sourced ethically, too. Plus, these chews are not processed, unlike other chews for dogs.

Check our collection for the best chews and treats for dogs!

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Now you know the best dog chew you can provide your large dogs. Treat them now with these delicious and healthy chews and keep your dog happy. Happy Chewing!

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