Cheese Bones for Dogs

Cheese Bones for Dogs

Are you tired of traditional rubber or plastic chews causing inconvenience for your furry friend? Many dog owners face challenges with non-edible chews, which can lead to digestive issues or safety concerns. Enter the solution: cheese bones for dogs. This fantastic alternative keeps your dog engaged and ensures their safety and health.

The Problems with Non-Edible Chews:

Traditional non-edible chews, made from rubber or plastic, might seem durable, but they come with their own set of problems:

  • Safety Concerns: These chews can break into small, sharp pieces, posing a choking hazard or causing internal injuries if swallowed.
  • Digestive Issues: Dogs chewing on non-edible materials might experience digestive discomfort or blockages Dogs chewing on non-edible materials might experience digestive discomfort or blockages.

Why Cheese Bones for Dogs Are the Best?

Here's why cheese bones stand out as the ideal choice for your canine companion:

  • Safety First: Cheese bones are edible, eliminating the risk of choking or internal injuries caused by non-edible chews.
  • Dental Health: These chews help clean your dog's teeth and gums, promoting oral hygiene and preventing plaque buildup.
  • Natural and Healthy: Made from high-quality ingredients like yak cheese, these chews are rich in protein and calcium, supporting your dog's overall health.
  • Long-Lasting: Cheese bones are durable and long-lasting, providing hours of entertainment for your dog without losing their shape or taste.
  • Variety for All Breeds: From small to large breeds, cheese bone options cater to different sizes and chewing habits.

Addressing Common Questions:

Are cheese bones safe for dogs?

Yes, cheese bones are safe for dogs as they are made from natural, easily digestible ingredients, minimizing the risk of digestive issues or choking hazards.

Are cheese dog treats good for dogs?

Absolutely! Cheese bones act as treats and serve as beneficial chews that promote dental health and overall well-being.

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Do cheese bones clean dogs' teeth?

Indeed, cheese bones are effective in cleaning dogs' teeth by reducing plaque and tartar buildup while freshening their breath.

What is a dog cheese stick?

Like our yak cheese bones, a dog cheese stick is a natural and healthy chew made from yak milk, offering dogs a delicious and safe chewing experience.

How are yak cheese bones made?

Cheese bones for dogs are made in the Himalayan region of Nepal after hardening the cheese from yak milk and cow milk. These chews are made from yak that are naturally grazed in high altitude climates, making these chews organic and healthy.

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How long do cheese bones last?

Depending on the dogs ' size and chewing behavior, these tough chews last for hours, if not days.

How to turn cheese bone into puff?

To turn cheese bones into puffs, soak the remaining bits of cheese bones in water for about five minutes and microwave it for around 45 seconds. Voila! You will have a delicious cheese puff for your dog.

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How do I know if cheese bones is perfect size for my dog?

Our yak chews come in variety of sizes for different sizes of dogs. Here’s what out sizes of chews for different dog sizes look like:

  • Small Yak Chews: For small dogs weighing under 15lbs
  • Medium Yak Chews: For dogs weighing under 35lbs
  • Large Yak Chews: For dogs weighing under 55lbs
  • X-Large Yak Chews: For dogs weighing under 70lbs
  • Jumbo Yak Chews: For dogs weighing under 100lbs


Cheese bones for dogs offer a perfect solution to the problems posed by traditional non-edible chews. They prioritize safety, dental health, and overall well-being, ensuring your dog enjoys a long-lasting, delicious chew without compromising safety or health.

Invest in your dog's happiness and health today with cheese bones—treats beyond satisfying a chewing habit, providing entertainment and health benefits.

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