How to Calm Down a Hyper Dog with Yak Chews

How to Calm Down a Hyper Dog with Yak Chews

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Hyperactivity in dogs is a challenging issue for both dogs and their owners. It can indicate underlying issues such as boredom, anxiety, or a lack of mental stimulation. As a responsible dog owner, providing your dog with behaviour training and mental stimulation through interactive toys, obedience training, or puzzle games is essential to keep them healthy and happy.

Understanding Hyperactivity in Dogs

Dogs can sometimes get hyper, and there are many reasons why this can happen. It may be because of their genes, the environment they're in, the kind of breed they are, or if they're not getting enough exercise or mental stimulation. There may also be underlying health problems causing this behavior. 

Common Signs of Hyperactivity

Hyperactive dogs can display a range of behaviors, such as barking excessively, jumping around, pacing, and finding it hard to relax. They may also resort to destructive actions, such as chewing on furniture or digging holes, to release their excess energy.

Hyperactive Dog Breeds

Certain dog breeds tend to be more prone to hyperactivity than others due to their natural tendencies. For example, breeds like Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever and Jack Russell Terrier have a tendency to become high-energy dogs and require high maintainance. If these dogs don't get enough mental and physical stimulation, they can become hyperactive, which may lead to various behavioral issues.

Introduction to Yak Chews

Yak chews are 100% natural dog chews made from yak milk, originating from the Himalayan region. These durable treats are delicious and provide a long-lasting chewing experience for dogs. Because of their long-lasting and hard properties, your hyper dog gets engaged with our chews and eventually calms them.

Additionally, you can use positive reinforcement to decrease undesirable behaviors in your dog. Using a command as a cue to the behavior and providing rewards like yak chew can help to calm your hyper dog.

How Yak Chews Calm Hyperactive Dogs

Yak chews are a unique and natural dog treat that offer several benefits for hyper dogs. Here are some of the key advantages and how yak chews can help calm down a hyper dog:

1. Mental Stimulation

Chewing on a yak chew can help keep a dog engaged, providing mental stimulation and reducing boredom, which can reduce hyperactive behaviors in dogs.

2. Stress Relief

The act of chewing can have a calming effect on dogs, helping to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. This can be particularly beneficial for hyper dogs that struggle with managing their energy levels.

3. Dental Health

Yak chews help to clean a dog's teeth and gums, reducing the risk of dental issues and promoting overall oral health. This can contribute to a dog's overall well-being and calmness.

4. Durability

Yak chews are known for their long-lasting nature, which means they can keep a hyper dog occupied for an extended period, reducing the likelihood of destructive behaviors.

5. Natural Ingredients

Yak chews are made from natural ingredients, without the addition of artificial preservatives or fillers. This makes them a safe and healthy option for dogs, including those with sensitive digestive systems.

Introducing Yak Chews to Hyperactive Dogs

It is essential to introduce yak chews to your hyperactive dog through a gradual introduction process. Monitoring and supervision in the early stages can help your dog adapt to new chews.

1. Start Slowly

Offer a few yak chews to gauge your dog's interest and chewing habits. Monitor their behavior to ensure they're chewing safely and not swallowing large chunks.

2. Supervise Chew Sessions

Always supervise your dog while chewing on yak chews, especially in the beginning stages. This allows you to intervene if necessary and prevents any potential choking hazards.

3. Gradually Increase Chew Time

As your dog becomes accustomed to yak chews, gradually increase the duration of their chew sessions. This helps them build tolerance and provides a constructive outlet for their excess energy.

4. Establishing a Chew Time Routine:

Incorporate yak chews into your dog's daily routine to provide them with a consistent outlet for their energy. Set aside designated chew times, such as morning and evening, to allow your dog to indulge in their yak chew. Consistency is key in reinforcing this positive behavior and helping your dog associate the chew with relaxation and calmness.


Managing hyperactivity in dogs requires patience, understanding, and proactive measures. Yak chews offer a natural and effective solution for calming hyperactive dogs, providing them with a safe and enjoyable chewing time for their excess energy. Introducing yak chews into your dog's routine and establishing a chew time routine can help promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, reinforce calm behavior and decrease hyperactivity.

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