The Definitive Guide to Dog Chews for Sensitive Stomachs

The Definitive Guide to Dog Chews for Sensitive Stomachs

Are you tired of your dog constantly suffering from stomach issues? Are you looking for a solution to help improve their digestive health? One of the best ways to combat sensitive stomachs in dogs is by choosing the correct dog chews for sensitive stomachs.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the different types of dog chews available for dogs with sensitive stomachs and provide tips on selecting the best chew for your furry friend to improve their digestive health.

Understanding Sensitive Stomachs in Dogs

Like humans, dogs can suffer from digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and vomiting. Unfortunately, dogs cannot tell us how they feel or what is causing their stomach problems. It is up to us to identify the cause of the symptoms. Factors such as poor diet, food intolerances, stress, and anxiety are leading causes of sensitive stomachs in dogs.

Types of Dog Chews for Sensitive Stomachs

Various dog chews are designed to be gentle on dogs with sensitive stomachs. These include soft dog chews, limited ingredient dog chews, natural and hypoallergenic options, grain-free and gluten-free chews, and dental chews.

Soft Dog Chews

Soft dog chews are perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs as they are easy to chew, ensuring that your furry friend doesn't overexert their stomach. With dog chews for sensitive stomachs, you can avoid further digestive problems related to digestive function. Popular soft dog chews include marshmallow and chicken soft chews.

Limited Ingredient Dog Chews

Limited-ingredient dog chews are also a great option for pups with sensitive stomachs. These chews are made of simple ingredients that are easy for your dog to digest and are gentle to their tummies. Popular limited-ingredient dog chews are venison sticks, hard yak chews, lamb sticks, and oatmeal treats for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Natural and Hypoallergenic Options

Natural and hypoallergenic chews are an excellent option for dogs with a history of allergies. These chews have fewer artificial ingredients and are full of nutritious natural substances perfect for pets with sensitive stomachs.

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Grain-Free and Gluten-Free Chews

Grain and gluten-free chews are another excellent option for dogs with sensitive stomachs. These chew sticks for dogs with sensitive stomachs exclude grains and gluten, known for causing digestive issues in dogs. Popular grain-free and gluten-free dog chews include elk antlers and yak cheese. They are long-lasting dog chews for sensitive stomachs.

Dental Chews

Dental chews are also an excellent choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs. They can help improve your dog's oral hygiene while being gentle on sensitive stomachs. Popular dental chews help relieve stress and anxiety, a common cause of dog digestive issues.

Tips to Select the Best Dog Chews for Sensitive Stomachs

  1. Consult veterinarian: It is always wise to consult your veterinarian for guidance on the best chew for your dog's sensitive digestion.
  2. Trial and error approach: It is best to experiment with different chews to find the one that suits your dog's digestive system best.
  3. Read the ingredients label: Reading the ingredients is crucial in finding a good quality chew for your furry friend. Look for chews made with natural, limited, or hypoallergenic ingredients.


Sensitive stomachs are not a pleasant experience for dogs or their owners. However, selecting the right dog chews may help relieve the symptoms and allow your furry friend to enjoy their treats without stomach aches. Remember, before trying any new treats, always consult with your veterinarian. Ensure you take note of any allergic reactions or digestive issues after introducing the chews. Hopefully, you'll find the right chews for your furry friend, and they'll enjoy their treats happily.

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